Come learn to kite at one of our great lesson locations.

Emeryville Marina, Emeryville CA
Toll Plaza Beach, Oakland CA
Roberts Landing Beach, San Leandro CA

Emeryville Marina, CA

Our scenic & sunny Emeryville Marina location  enjoys some of the most consistant winds in the bay. Our IKO Affiliated Kiteboarding Center is open for lessons & sales seasonally from April-September. Land Lessons are conducted in the park adjacent to our shop & school trailer. If the winds are light at our beach locations we will use Waverunners (PWC) for water lessons allowing us access to more reliable winds and a large, wide open learning area. Cosistent wind and open water are very beneficial while learning how to Kiteboard.

We are centrally located in the East Bay just north of the SF Bay Bridge at 3310 Powell St in Emeryville, CA 94608. There is free parking onsite, please just ask us for a parking pass when you arrive.


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We have full facilities including showers. as well as restaurants, stores and other amenities adjacent to us. For lessons please pre schedule online. Walk-ins are welcome for the shop. Click on the map link below for directions and more info.

Please send all correspondence to our Office Address: 2721 West St Oakland, Ca 94612

Toll Plaza Beach, Oakland CA

Toll Plaza Beach is an awesome East Bay spot for Kiteboarding. It is well suited and safe for beginners-advanced. A smaller beach at 200 yds, it benefits from shallow water with a solid sandy bottom, side onshore winds, easy access and safe downwind egress.

This beach is good in the Spring and Summer months. Use a combination of real time wind readings from Port of Oakland or Oakland Berth 12mph+, Berkeley 20mph+ and Treasure Island 20mph+ to assure that you will have rideable winds near the shoreline. For all Levels the beach is best when the tide is between 1-4.5ft.

Tips: If when kiting you are caught without wind downwind of the beach and in the bird refuge then no worries, simply stand up when possible. You will be very surprised at how shallow the water actually is. Flag out and recover your kite and bar and walk in via the short path to the access road where it turns from the freeway offramp.

Beware of submerged rocks on North and South ends of the beach. Beware of the power lines near the parking area and rig/launch your kites a ways down the beach to avoid them. Do not leave any valuables in your car, this is urban kiteboarding. Do not kite here alone if you can avoid it. Some days you may need to walk or body drag out to the wind line as the wind may tend to be lighter near the shore making water starts from the beach somewhat challenging at times.


Lesson clients should always come to the Powell St Emeryville Marina location before a scheduled beach lesson time unless otherwise notified. This spot is accessible by motorized vehicles only. Have fun when kiting here and please feel free to contact us for more information and conditions.



Here are some driving directions.

  • From the North head towards San Francisco.
  • From the South or East you need to go to Emeryville first.
  • Go towards Sacramento on the 80 East.
  • Take the Powell street exit and make a Left at the ramp light
  • Immediately make the first right and get back on 580/80 West.
  • Go towards San Francisco stay towards the right.
  • Take the W Grand Ave/Maritime exit 8A.
  • Immediately slow down as you are going to want to make a right turn before the road starts going up over the over pass.
  • Slow down since you can’t see this until the last second as you approach. If you do miss it you’ll go over overpass and have to circle around back through Emeryville
  • When you leave TP you have only one option – turn right at the end of the by road and continue on the West Grand exit overpass that you originally got off at.
  • To hit 580 West Bay Bridge or 580 East (and optionally to 24 or 980) simply make a u-turn at the first light. No need to go to 80, exit and backtrack.
  • To hit 80 East Berkeley, continue straight, follow the signs and turn left and the second light.
  • To hit 880 South, continue straight, follow signs and turn right at the second light also.

Roberts Landing Beach, San Leandro CA

Scenic & secluded Roberts Landing beach has both shallow warm water and on shore thermal winds, seasonally from May-Aug. This tiny & little used public beach offers students the opportunity to learn in a safe and quiet beach environment, free from distractions. You will really appreciate the serenity of the spot and some clients have equated the experience of learning here with that of being on a vacation. Lessons at this location are by appointment only and very dependent on weather tide conditions lining up. Use the San Leandro offshore sensor for best real time wind readings, best on a west with some north. Safe and shallow as far as you can see, best on 3-6ft tide.

Roberts Landing beach is located along private Neptune Drive at the western end of Lewelling Blvd in San Leandro, CA. Access to this beach requires a 15 min walk from the lesson parking area in the mall, located at 2050 Lewelling Boulevard. We will usually meet students at this parking area.

Please arrive at the parking area 20 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time. Do not park in the subdivision at the end of Lewelling, you may be towed! Toilet facilities, restaurants and stores are available but are limited to the lesson parking area only. For Roberts Landing launch site info, parking maps & directions view KGB Kiteboarding Schools in a larger Google map.

Please contact us to confirm your lesson location if you are uncertain. See you in the water.