Learn how to kiteboard with KGB!

Kiteboarding Lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Now is the time! Don’t wait, come and learn to kite with us! We offer Beginner-Advanced Kiteboarding lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Kite camps and clinics in Mexico! Our team of awesome instructors includes some of the most experienced teachers in the Bay Area. With a focus on safety and some of the best wind conditions in the Bay, you will be an independent kiter in no time!

Our Kiteboarding school offers lessons for all levels.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect. Learning to kite is not easy – it takes dedication, time and consistency. It can not be learned in a weekend. Beyond lessons, it will also take many hours of time on the water and some of them will be humbling ones. When you book lessons with us, we break them down into levels – level 1 – 3. This comes from the IKO school of teaching; whilst we are no longer affiliated with the IKO, they do offer a good structure for teaching and we will continue to use their system as a basis for your learning.

Kiteboarding Lessons

Introduction to Kiteboarding – this fun class is one hour. You can bring a friend along for this class at a discounted rate. It is great if you want to find an economical way to try out kiteboarding, it uses trainer kites only and covers some basic kite piloting skills. It gives you a good chance to chat with the instructor more in-depth about kiteboarding to make sure that it is something you will really want to invest in. This class is not a pre-requisite for any other class.

Level 1

This lesson is the foundation of your new kiteboarding hobby. This lesson is conducted on land, you will not get in the water. In this lesson, we begin by discussing the wind and wind theory – such as the ideal conditions you should kite and when you shouldn’t. Places that are safe or ideal for kiting in the bay area. In this class, we will begin with a 4 line LE Kite, exactly the same kite as you will use when you kiteboard. We teach you how to set up the kite & lines, how to perform safety checks. How to launch and land. The majority of the class will be spent getting comfortable flying the kite. We will also go over a self-rescue, this isn’t something that you will need to do on land, but to go over the concept on land makes it easier once in the water. The aim of this class is to get you comfortable and have good kite control, so you can move into the water. Level 1 Kiteboarding Lesson – San Francisco

Level 2

This will be your first water lesson. In this lesson, we will be learning how to control the kite whilst also dealing with being in the water. If your lesson is in Emeryville you will either go to Toll Plaza Beach or take your lesson on the waverunner. If your lesson is in Brisbane, you will use the waverunner for the lesson. The waverunner has the advantage of being able to get to where the wind is the best and it allows you to solely focus on working on your kite skills and not worrying about running out of beach space. Once in the water the progression is dictated by your own development. The aim is at the end of this lesson to be able to display kite control and be able to body drag upwind. Kite control is essential for kiteboarding, to be able to control the kite enables you to control the power that you generate, which dictates the speed and direction that you move through the water. Body dragging is a fundamental skill in kiteboarding. Most kiteboarders will not use a leash attached to their board, so this means that when you crash (and you will crash, a lot) you become separated from your board. Body dragging enables you to use the kite to pull you back to your board, so you can continue your kite session. Without solid body dragging skills, you could become separated from your board and not able to recover it, so your kite session is over. Body dragging is also useful at certain locations where you need to drag away from hazards. Level 2 Kiteboarding Lesson – East Bay Level 2 Brisbane

Level 3

This is the lesson where we introduce the board. As mentioned kiteboarding is majority about kite control, so we will only bring the board into the equation once you have developed strong enough kite skills; otherwise, the board can just be a barrier and make progression that much harder. Think of learning much like building something, you need a strong foundation before you can add the next layer. So, with the introduction of the board, you will first practice body dragging with the board, this again is a crucial skill, to be able to handle the board whilst maintaining control of the kite. Once this has been mastered it is time to practice getting the board on your feet. From here, you will attempt water starts, each time hopefully being able to stay up on the board for longer and longer each time. Again, this lesson is conducted at your own pace, progressing to the next skill once you have mastered the one prior. Level 3 Kiteboarding Lesson – East Bay Level 3 Brisbane

From Level 3

It is possible that you have been shown all of the steps necessary for you to go and begin kiteboarding, but we find that most people still need additional time to continue practicing and building your skills before you feel safe and confident to go out and practice unsupervised. Any further lessons will be tailored to your personal needs.

Advanced lessons

We also offer advanced lessons. Our instructors all have been kiting for years and each has their own unique skill – so whether you want to focus on strapless, boosting, or just basic jumps we can help you. Using the waverunner, we will be able to get to the best wind and unlimited space to practice.

Terms and Conditions of Lessons and Lesson Packages.

  • You must be able to swim. You will be expected to be a confident swimmer and comfortable being in deep water.
  • Lessons are wind dependent. KGB will dictate if the conditions are suitable. Conditions are not guaranteed, we will do our very best to inform you if the conditions aren’t suitable in plenty of time, but this is not always possible. Please remember we are dealing with nature and it is not always predictable.
  • Lessons are not refundable – they can be transferred or used for store credit.
  • If you don’t show up, you forfeit your lesson. It will not be transferable, nor will it convert to store credit.
  • If you arrive late it will eat into your scheduled lesson time. We will not add it on to the end of the lesson.
  • If you cut your lesson short, you will still be charged for the full session.

Cancelations & reschedules

  • Lessons are not refundable. Outside of 48 hours lessons can be rescheduled at no charge. Any less than 48 hours rescheduled lessons will be charged $50. Cancelations will result in store credit.
  • We provide all the kiteboarding equipment needed for your lesson. If you have your own wetsuit or booties please feel free to bring them with you.
  • Lesson locations are subject to weather conditions and may be changed on the day of your lesson, please be prepared for that.
  • If you have purchased your lesson via a deal site you must have your voucher ready to present upon arrival.
  • Emeryville location: Paid parking is available onsite, $5.00.
  • Brisbane location: Free parking is available onsite.
  • Lesson value does not expire. Previous year packages convert to credit for the current season.