Come learn to Powerkite with us!

A power kite is usually an aerofoil shaped wing made from high performance fabric and supported by bridles. By steering and maneuvering the kite with control lines, different amounts of power can be generated.

Once a kite is inflated, its aerofoil design encourages it to move forward and give lift. Supportive bridle lines keep the kite at the optimum angle to the wind to achieve the speed and power.

Generally, the bigger the kite, faster the kite travels, or the stronger the wind, the more power, pull or lift will be generated. Ultimately it is the flier that controls the kite and bears the responsibility for the safety of self and that of others.

Powerkite piloting is an essential part of kiteboarding. Please contact us for more lesson info.

Learn to use and demo the following gear:

  • HQ Powerkites
  • Peter Lynn Buggies
  • Scrub ATB’s


Powerkiting Lessons