If you need to rent Kiteboarding gear (kites, boards, harness, wet suit, and complete packages) or Stand Up Paddleboarding gear, KGB Kiteboarding has you covered.

We have partnered with www.rentkiteboards.com to allow you to rent your gear online securely and easily. This way you can be sure the gear will be available when you get here.

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Call www.rentkiteboards.com directly for assistance – (415) 889-3762


  • Rentee is at a minimum an IKO level 3K certified kiteboarder (independent kiter) and can present a valid IKO card level 3K+, or the equivalent thereof, such as taking and passing a KGB Level 3 assessment lesson.
  • Kiter skill assessment lessons can be provided at a minimal additional cost.
  • Rentee is responsible for the selection of gear suitable to my abilities. Any recommendations or suggestions by Renters staff, are merely general product information. The Renter makes no warranty as to the suitability or safety of any equipment.
  • Rentee has been shown how to use and is familiar with the rental control bar Quick Release Safety and secondary safety systems and can perform an on water self rescue.
  • Rentee is able to launch / land an inflatable kite safely in a launch area.
  • Rentee can body drag upwind and downwind, in both directions, port & starboard.
  • Rentee can kite / ride consistently in both directions.Kiteboarding Kites and Gear
  • Rentee agrees to follow the local rules and guidelines, including the sailing right of way rules, “rules of the road”, and to always exercise discretion and caution when deciding when, where and how to ride.
  • Rentee will make themselves aware of equipment usage area hazards, prevailing weather conditions and stay informed about wind and weather related warnings, and / or advisories.
  • Rentee assumes full responsibility for the Renters rental / demo kiteboarding equipment listed in this agreement and all the accessories to said equipment; and upon request agree to pay for any damages and /or total loss incurred to said equipment and accessories excessive of normal use and depreciation, as assessed by the Renters Staff.
  • Rentee also assumes total liability for all damages incurred through the use or misuse of the equipment and accessories listed in this agreement.
  • Rentee agrees to assume all risks and responsibility for any and all claims for damages and for injuries suffered while using this equipment, and to hold the Renter harmless and not responsible for injury or accident incurred while using this equipment.
  • Rentee understands that they are responsible for returning this equipment and accessories on the date and time indicated in this agreement.
  • Rentee acknowledges and agrees with the total replacement cost of rental equipment listed in this agreement.
  • Rentee authorizes the Renter to charge their credit card listed in this agreement for any cleaning, repair and / or replacement costs of rented equipment if deemed necessary.
  • SUP rentals need to cover basic SUP instruction for free and must wear life vest.

Thanks for choosing KGB and we will see you on the water.