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KGB is fantastic.  I started kiteboarding lessons with another company, but followed up with a jet ski assisted lesson at KGB.  The first session was a comedy of errors with the major issue being lack of wind.  My instructor, Sam, tried to find more wind on the bay.  I am a sailor and know, for the most part, where the wind blows and we went to as many spots as we could looking for breeze.  When it became apparent that the lesson was awash, he took me in and I was able to reschedule for my full two hours no questions asked.

I had my second attempt today.  Again, Sam was my super awesome instructor.  The gear they use is not overworked or questionable- from harness to jet ski, and the helmet with the radio is highly effective.  I was going upwind in no time and felt like I got great feedback in a positive, upbeat, and encouraging way.

The shore crew of Austin and Royce were really cool and I felt super welcomed through the entire process from booking the lesson to hanging out after reviewing my strengths and areas on which to work.  They have the perfect balance of professionalism and fun.

Kiteboarding is awesome and I reluctantly say everyone should try it simply because I don’t want to clog up the bay.  Should you decide to give it a go, KGB is a great place to start.

Jordan P.

“They are doing a great job sharing their love for the sport.”

I would recommend KGB to anyone wanting to learn this sport. I have been Kiting for a number of years, however I got stuck in some bad habits and needed some coaching to improve. I hired Royce and his team to help me go up wind more consistently by teaching me how to go out and come back in heel side.. This I had been trying to learn on my own for a while, but always reverted back to my old ways

( Going toeside ) forcing me downwind and into areas I shouldn’t be..  Ending up doing the “Walk of Shame” a lot. Dan was my instructor he talked me through the process and I was up and going on the first try… Next I wanted to learn how to ride a regular ” Directional ” Surfboard with no straps… Sam helped me with this portion of the lesson and same thing.. I was up on my first try. Also I wanted to learn how to self launch and land the Kite safely because I would consistently end up going to kite and when I showed up I was the only one there.. the wind would be howling and I would have to wait for another Kiter to help. Wasting so much time.

Most schools were reluctant to teach me how to self launch and land because they felt if your just learning you shouldn’t be out by yourself anyway… this is TRUE !!. But after you have reached a certain level you really need to learn this skill.. its not something you wanna try and guess how to do it right… anyway these guys are great and if anyone thinks they’re unprofessional and don’t run the business methodically like an office or corporation.. then they aren’t ” getting it ” This is an Extreme Sport… Its dependent on mother nature;  wind strength, wind direction, tides, obstacles ( including other Kiters )… There are so many variables that make this sport hard to just schedule. When I learned I waited 3 weeks on the beach to get in 3 days with barely enough wind. Be patient.. That’s the key, its like waiting for the swell to come up for surfing.. As a Kiter I know how hard it must be to turn your passion into ” Work ” so many times you’d be teaching a lesson or buried in paperwork and all you could think about is just wanting to go out and Kite… These guys sacrifice their time because they remember how it felt to get up on the board for the first time or the first time they got some airtime.. They are doing a great job sharing their love for the sport.

Peter D.

 “This has been a great experience”

Royce took my initial call to schedule a kiteboarding lesson, after explaining my past training with kites, he suggested a 3 hour lesson starting with basics but advanceing in the class rapidly depending on my skills and safety!

My instructor Dan did a great job working with me at my own pace but still keeping it safe and informative. The wind was not blowing by the beach they usually use so Dan decided to take us out to the bay to look for a location with better wind conditions. With Dans direction, I was able to get up on the board on my first time out on the water. This has been a great experience and I am looking forward to improve my skills with another lesson.

Thanks KBG Team,

Ronald O.

“the class follows iko specs”

Took a group of 4, level 1 and 2 class with royce.  he is very thorough and made sure everyone had at least 1-2 tries on all the techniques taught.  It almost seem like it was standard procedure because the class follows iko specs.  This is a good thing.

Special thanks to Royce for being so patient with all of us! This sport takes practice and his professionalism is very much needed in these types of classes.  He even offered to help us screen craigslist ads for us if we find some deals on kites.

Jackie K.C.

“I’d recommend this school to anyone”

I’ve done lessons at 2 other schools and this was definitely the best. I had my lesson with Royce yesterday, and he is an awesome instructor. He really pushed me (in a good way) to try and try again, and it really paid off and gave me the confidence to start riding the board. Their shallow water location is perfect, since the instructors can stand beside you and really let you know what you’re doing right & wrong. In the other schools I’ve been to, I’ve never been able to have that before. And even though I’m not a very athletic and agile person, I feel that this is a sport that I can really get into if I put in the time and effort.

They offer great deals on gear, especially with lesson purchase, so I’m heading over to get what I need to start practicing on my own.

I’d recommend this school to anyone, I’ve even convinced my best friend to book lessons so that we can go out riding together one day 🙂

Sherra A

“Will Definitively recommend”

I have had a very positive experience with KGB Kiteboarding. The Owner Royce was very accommodating after we ran into a misunderstanding with an item being in-stock. Unlike most shop owners, Royce took responsibly for mistakes that where made on his behalf and offered solutions by offering his time and money to resolve the problem. This is what I would call good business. You know you are speaking to a professorial that is here to resolve any problems that you would run into. Will Definitively recommend to friends.

Alex K

“All in all, a good intro to the sport”

Every once in a while you meet a hobby that kind of picks you. Or in my case, it picks you up, chucks you a couple feet into the air, drags you under water for a couple more feet before finally let you catch your bearings. Kiting is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, however, I will admit there was a moment when I was sitting there bobbing up and down in the middle of the bay that I doubted my decision. But then you get the kite back in the air again, and the stoke continues.

Thus far I’ve done 1 4 hour (groupon) lesson with KGB and one 3 hourish open water session and I already have another 2 hour lesson scheduled.  I’ve also bought most of my gear from them, so I’ll break it down into those 3 sections.


Like some of the negative reviews before me I bought the 4 hour groupon package. Had Ali and Dan as instructors.  The instructors gave us fair warning that if the wind wasn’t good enough, the lesson may get cut short and our time rescheduled to a different day. They split us up into 2 more manageable groups and walked us through the paces. Ali covered my group and was a good instructor. Went through the basics, was very safety conscious and was very hands on.  Did some basic kite drills with a smaller (3m) kite.

Luckily we had enough wind to hit up the water session and we went through some basic body dragging drills and a couple of board start attempts.

All in all, a good intro to the sport. Covered the basics and yet got you deep enough where you felt like you’d accomplished something.

3 hour private:

Had Dan as an instructor. Got jet skied out into the middle of the bay. Got my hands on a 9.5m kite which.. well was interesting at the beginning. Compared to the 6.5 I had used previously for the water session during the Groupon lesson, well the 9.5 had some serious grunt.

Dan as an instructor is pretty much as good as it gets. He’s detail oriented, patient and will explain things in different ways until you get it.   His friendly laid back personality really helps calm you down after the 50th time your sit start goes awry. He’s good at breaking down exactly what you’re doing right/wrong and was a pleasure to work with.

Buying stuff:

Dealt with Royce in terms of purchasing (and organizing the previous lessons).You can tell right away he’s a man who’s really into the sport.  Stopped me from buying a trainer kite that was too large, and also set me up with some sweet gear that beat any gear package price I could find online.

Before buying from Royce I’d done a pretty hefty deal of research, so I knew what kite I wanted, about what board size I needed. I gave him the parameters and he went off and put together an incredible gear package for me. He’s friendly, and I never really felt like he was trying to upsell me.

In total I’ve bought 3 kites (One trainer, one 10m Airush Lithium, one 6m Airush One), 1 harness, 1 board, 1 impact vest, 1 helmet and a board bag from this shop. When the shop didn’t have what I wanted in stock, Royce was more than willing to put in a special order. He communicated well and I was immediately notified when there was a shipping delay or when my new toys had arrived.

But what put KGB above and beyond any internet retailer is the service they provide to any of their customers? Royce went over safety details and did an equipment check on every single piece of gear that I bought from him. He personally showed went over all 3 kites I bought, showed me the ins and outs of the kite, and explained aspects unique to each kite.

Obviously this is a sport I’m excited about, but part of the reason for my excitement stems from the people I’ve met at KGB. I would not be willing to spend the money I’ve spent if they had not left such a positive impression on me.

Leo C

“Awesome Environment”

I had taken a land lesson and put in my 10 hrs of kite practice, and wanted to learn body dragging plus maybe even get up on the board. I took a 3 hr lesson with KGB on a Saturday, followed by a jetski lesson with a big school near 3rd Ave the next day. The beach Royce took us to was a bit of a hike, but effectively private – we were the only ones there.

PERFECT for learning. Warm, waist-deep water – the wetsuit wasn’t really necessary. Winds were good too, side on-shore, with a depowered 12 being sufficient. Tiny waves, didn’t even notice them. The helmet speaker worked fine, and Royce showed me practical kite launching/inflating/teardown skills. The jetski lesson was a completely different experience. After the gas can fumes hit you in the face, you hold on for dear life while the saltwater spray hits you in the face. After 10 minutes, you’re dumped in the middle of the bay, with 3 foot swells in deep water, after they inflate the kite for you. The water’s much colder, and it’s harder to get a bead on the wind direction. I did get a successful waterstart and short ride in, but only after coughing/puking up large gulps of seawater. On the plus side, if you’re tired, you can hang out on the jetski. The wind was about 25 kts and I was plenty powered on a 7.

There’s something to be said for learning in the conditions in which you ride, but man, kiteboarding has enough stuff to think about when learning, and adding to the list doesn’t help. In short, went with Royce because he had the best rates, but would go back for the lesson quality and awesome environment in which to learn. I think I’m done with lessons for a bit, but I’ll go back to Royce’s beach to practice.

Brandon H.

“We had a great time”

I learned some basics from friends, and went to KGB to make me more confident in getting up on the board. I was going to go to the Alameda school but I found it too difficult to get someone to set up the appointment and they were really expensive! Royce really paid attention to safety but also made sure I was having fun and moving at a pace so we wouldn’t waste water time. I am really glad I went for a lesson because I didn’t learn a lot of safety things from friends that I think every kiter should learn. The beach was perfect for a beginner too, better than Alameda (which surprised me). He was a great teacher, offered me a TON of attention and was not looking at his watch. We had a great time on the water.

Brandie G.

“I walked away confident”

I needed a refresher course to feel solid about both land and water techniques after being out of the water for quite a while. After meeting Royce I knew I was in good hands, he provided a private lesson and went through each step in detail to ensure that I was able to understand all aspects and safety associated with the sport. My fear was the land set and launching as this is where most accidents happen, Royce was very helpful to explain what not to do and what to focus on, his confident teaching style was at the perfect pace, he never went to fast or did I feel I was rushed at all during the lesson. At the end of my lesson he allowed me to hang out and practice which was very refreshing, this is a rarity in other schools in the area.

I walked away confident knowing how to launch the kite, set up, water launching and standing up. Without a doubt Royce and KGB did a perfect job. I have been to a few schools in the area but really the teaching style, the location, the chill beautiful beach and his stoke to teach others his passion of kiting. I recommend KGB to any new kiter that wants to take it to the next level.Now I feel confident on my next adventure kiting solo, Thanks Royce!

Rob R.

“Thanks KGB!”

After shopping around and looking at various kiteboarding schools in the bay, I settled on KGB because of the informative website and the unbeatable price. I took a six hour learn to ride lesson from Royce who was very helpful and patient throughout the lesson. He gets really excited when you progress and this shows how much he’s dedicated to seeing you get better. By the end of the lesson I was able to get up and ride a bit so I was stoked. Thanks KGB!


“super stoked”

KGB… just wanted to give you some props for sending me on my way with a much ber skill set and a whole lot more confidence. In your short lessons I gained far greater insight than all of my previous instruction combined.

My first day out (without an instructor) was awesome! Over a 4.5 hour session I continuously tacked out and back on the same line at Alameda. To feel my body fully line up and understand the dynamics left me super stoked. I greatly appreciate everything. Best of luck in your ventures!

Neal L

“best instructor I have ever had”

I took a lesson with KGB about a week and a half ago. I have taken lessons in Maui, Puerto Rico and St. Lucia. Royce was the best instructor I have ever had. His personal attention, and tips allowed me to quicly get to the goal at hand…to learn to ride upwind.

I would HIGHLY recommend Royce and his team for any level of kiteboarding instruction. His tips made sense, were on point and were of tremendous help. I will take other lessons with Royce so I can write another review of how he taught me to do 20 foot jumps, backrolls and unhooked tricks. Thank you Royce!!!!

Rachael K.

“highly recommended”

Great job man!!! Royce possesses incredible attention to detail and stresses the importance of safety at all phases. Great to talk with and share laughs, yet he is firm in his teaching style to ensure you get the safest learning experience while also praising you when you’re kicking ass! Great learning spot too!

KGB Royce came highly recommended by some great friends who are experienced kiteboarders. They were off kiting during my lesson and came back in after some great sets noticing how fun, fast, and thorough his teaching style is…they said, “Damn, we shoulda learned from this guy in the beginning, probably woulda saved us a lot of headaches!” Thanks amigo! Will be back soon!

M. G.

“not just a cool name”

I have been taking kite boarding lessons on and off for over a year now. I took my first lesson in Thailand last summer, and also took a few more in Cabo while on vacation. Awesome places to ride, btw.

Kiteboarding is awesome once you get the hang of it. Royce Vaughn is not just a cool name, but, a great kiteboarding instructor. Knows his stuff well, and gets you to really work out your mistakes, which, inevitably there will be a few. I have taken lessons with 5 different people now, and Royce was as good or better than all of them.


“fun the entire time”

I had a two-hour kiteboarding lesson with KGB Kiteboarding yesterday and was very happy with the results. Royce is very knowledgeable about the sport, great at communicating, and, most importantly, very personable. He was very patient, constantly encouraging, and kept things fun the entire time.

After the lesson was over I stayed out for a couple hours to practice the techniques that I had just learned and Royce kept an eye on me from the shore (this was off the clock). I had some trouble getting back in and Royce was quick to lend a hand and even found my board that had floated down the beach– thanks again, man.‎


“As a teacher myself”

I have taken kiteboarding lessons from Royce at KGB Kiteboarding and I would give him my highest recommendation.

As a teacher myself, I appreciate his patience,calmness, positivity, and attention to detail. He makes sure the information is being received by communicating it in various ways. Royce is very safety oriented and his confidence and enthusiasm are contagious. Also very generous with time, tips and support materials. Big guy, big personality [everyone knows him], and big heart. He’s stoked and makes sure that you are too.

Jay Petty

“very straightforward”

Great instructor!‎‎ Royce approach to instruction is very hands-on. I arranged for a one-on-one session so I can correct some of my mistakes during water start. He has a simplified approach that really makes sense. After a short assessment of my current skills, he proceeded to correct some of the techniques which I have learned from a previous instructor. His explanations were very straightforward, and he took time to make sure that you get it, before putting you out on the water to apply the new skill learned. He is an asset to the kiting community. Very casual, and keeps the fun factor to a high level. You really get to learn more because you’re having so much fun.‎


Reviews From LivingSocial

Royce (instructor/owner) is totally on top of things. It was definitely worth the time to get comfortable and safe about kiteboarding.”

“Such a great experience! I never would have tried it if it weren’t for this deal, but now I’m hooked!”

“These guys are THE BEST! I’ve been to other places, and KGB knows their stuff, are personable, and are in a great location on the bay. They rescheduled me after we went out and couldn’t find wind. The second time I went we had a blast. I feel confident and happy and would recommend them to anyone.”

“I’ll definitely be back for the 2 session. The instructor was thorough and helpful. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I can’t wait to continue my lessons to kiteboarding!!”

“The people at KGB Kiteboarding were great people to ‘work’ with. I loved learning how to fly the kite. Plan on going back many more times!”

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We hope you have or will enjoy your time kiting with us.

See you soon, The team at KGB Kiteboarding