Beg-Int, Learn to Fly in 10 Hours


If you are serious about learning to kite and want to save time and money on private lessons then the 10 hr private lesson is the only way to go.

This lesson will get you fully independent, up and kiting safely in the shortest amount of time.


The best deal out there – 10 hour of dedicated one on one training. This package is perfect for someone with minimal experience to gain all the skills and confidence to become a safe and independent kiteboarder!

We recommend that this course is broken out into 5 classes of 2 hours each.

During the first land lesson, you will learn...

  • That kiteboarding is safe, and fun to learn.
  • How to inflate and set up a 4 line inflatable kite.
  • How to lay out and walk your lines.
  • To rig your kite.
  • To use all safety systems.
  • Basic kiteboarding wind theory.
  • Site and Safety awareness.
  • Beach/Launch site etiquette.
  • To perform an assisted launch and landing.
  • Proper basic and advanced piloting techniques.
  • Power management techniques.
  • One handed piloting.
  • Self Rescuing/Kite recovery techniques.
  • That you should’ve taken a Kiteboarding lesson sooner.

During the initial water lessons you will learn:

  • How to set up your board for riding.
  • To enter and exit the water with the kite
  • How to water relaunch your kite.
  • 3 different body dragging techniques.
  • How to get the board on you feet
  • To generate power for water-starts
  • On-water self rescue techniques.
  • Rules of the road.
  • Wind/Weather effects.
  • That kiting is awesome.

During the other water lessons you will learn:

  • To perfect your kite control skills.
  • How to get up and ride on the board in both directions.
  • Board stance and upwind edging techniques.
  • On-water kite recovery and self rescue techniques.
  • Advanced piloting techniques.
  • How to stow your gear.
  • About the gear you will need to get.
  • What and where to self practice next.

+4 Additional Hours of Beach and PWC Assisted Water Lessons.
Advancing your skills to include:

  • Consistently riding in both directions
  • Fine tuning all previously learned skills
  • Upwind riding
  • Self Launching and landing
  • Rigging and Trimming
  • Toeside Turns

At the end of this lesson most students are ready to get all the kiting gear needed to start praticing independently.
Learn to Fly – 10 hours – Lesson Deal

We can offer our students 6 hours of free lesson time with a complete kite package purchase.

Some students do however desire or require further instruction. For those we recommend more private lessons.


We will email you to confirm your lesson start time and location.

(Subject to availability weather permitting from April-September).

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