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Get 4 hours of lessons for FREE when you purchase a complete new kiteboarding setup – Kite, Board, Bar, Harness and Pump! Contact us for more details

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We love to take kite trips! Join us, these are great opportunities to learn the sport or progress. The kiteboarding community is very inclusive, and part of the sport is getting out there and exploring. Book a trip with us or check out some places we recommend.
Kiteboarding depends on the weather, learning to read the weather conditions and understanding the forecast will enable you to be a better kiter – by saving you time and getting you on the water for longer sessions. Check out all our resources here.
We rent gear – from individual pieces to full set ups. We can handle it. We know that sometimes bringing your gear is too much hassle, so give us a call or email and we can make a kite session happen for you! Book a rental here.
Ouchie – we know bad things can happen. But don’t stress, we can help you fix it. From full service drop off repairs, to clinics where we show you how to handle it yourself, we will get you back on the water in no time. Find out more here.

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